Frank Sinatra's Original Palm Springs Estate

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Sinatra House Featured on ModernHomesLosAngeles Blog About Modernism Week is a blog about Mid-Century Modern home, events and architecture. So you can Modernism Week is on their radar. And you can’t think about Modernism Week without Twin Palms, Frank Sinatra’s original Palm Springs estste, coming to mind! Here’s an excerpt from the article: “The kick-off to Modernism Week is a gathering at Frank Sinatra’s Twin Palms Estate designed by architect E. Stewart Williams. It was Williams’ first commissioned residences and was given the directive that Sinatra wanted a Georgian-style mansion with columns and brick facade to show-off his new wealth, back in 1947. Williams had another idea. The Desert Modern with casual living lifestyle and sleek lines were the beat of Williams’ drum. Sinatra agreed to scrap plans for the Georgian in favor of the Desert Modern. The architect and builders worked around the clock to design and build Sinatra’s desert modern in only a few months time. Sinatra landed his contract with MGM and he was ready to show his success through design and architecture. Troves of friends and other celebrities were often invited to gatherings and parties at the home in the desert. Hence, influencing others to design and build their own desert modern retreat.” Click here for the whole article



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