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Twin Palms was featured in an article in, in their Travel Section in an article entitled, “Frank and Ava’s House”, written by Jules Richer, on October 14, 2009. Here’s a sample from the article: ” In reality, Twin Palms should not be solely considered Frank Sinatra’s home, but more truthfully the home of Sinatra and Ava Gardner. After all, this was the home where the singer and the movie star lived during their tumultuous affair during the 1950s. It was also here the couple realized they could not live together. Though many years have gone by, time has not erased the history of this beautiful Palm Springs residence. The presence of the two famous lovers can still be felt while touring the home’s vast rooms, still decorated in mid-century modernist style. The nostalgia is so intense inside that you can easily imagine what it was like when the couple lived there. Physical proof of Sinatra and Gardner’s life in the house remain today, such as a chip in the sink of the master bathroom, the result of Sinatra smashing a champagne bottle during an argument with Gardner.”
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