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Frank Sinatra Estate Featured in Huffington Post Article on Palm Springs Style

The Frank Sinatra house was mentioned first in their article on April 23, 2113 entitled, “Palm Springs, California Is A Mecca For Design, Synonymous With Style And Glamor”. The article was written by Shiela Ecker.

Here’s a sample from the article including a classic photo from a pool party back when Frank was still the owner.

“Just one hundred miles southeast of Los Angeles is a style mecca that has been the source of inspiration for the better half of a century. That destination is Palm Springs, California, a resort area that became a mid-century design phenomenon and continues to influence architecture, interiors and fashion. “With its iconic modernist architecture and spectacular desert setting, there simply isn’t any place like it,” says Andrea Stanford, who manages the vintage sales for decor site One Kings Lane.

Five reasons why Palm Springs is synonymous with style:

1. It’s a hotspot for celebrities. Since the 1920s, A-listers have made this desert area their winter hangout. Daily Mail wrote that back in its heyday, actors like Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart, Lucille Ball, Clark Gable, Charlie Chaplin, Elvis Presley and Liberacewould head here to relax, and many owned vacation homes within the city limits. Because of the proximity to Hollywood, they could return to the studio within two hours if they were needed for reshoots. Stanford told us, “it was an exotic resort where a liberated bohemian lifestyle, innovation and new artistic and architectural inspirations and experimentation of all kinds flourished, fueled by commissions from Hollywood stars and moguls who made it their stomping grounds — a glamorous escape where partying, sports, cocktails, socializing, and high style were the order of the day.”

Piano-shaped swimming pool at Twin Palms, the estate belonging to Frank Sinatra, Palm Springs, California, 1951.”



Read the entire article here | Download a PDF of the article here
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