Frank Sinatra's Original Palm Springs Estate

Commercial Uses

The Frank Sinatra Estate in Palm Springs is a perfect commercial venue for all types of visual media including:
  • Sinatra House is available for commercial usesIndependent & Feature Films
  • Photography
  • Television Segments
  • Music Videos
  • Print Advertisements & Marketing
  • Photo Shoots For Travel Magazines / Architectural Journals
This private, gated residence with a rich Hollywood history offers a convenient location, just an hour and a half from Hollywood Studios and the greater Los Angeles area. The home is nestled in a quiet corner of the Movie Colony Neighborhood, just minutes from hotels, entertainment, and restaurants. The neighborhood offers plenty of street parking for the cast and crew. The home offers a breathtaking backdrop for any visual media, with a classic mid-century architecture, period furnishings and authentic decor. With approximately 4,500 square feet of space in the estate, there is ample room to accommodate lighting, cameras and crew. The estate’s striking architectural lines, massive sliding glass doors and extensive use of floor-to-ceiling windows provide ample amounts of light, color and shadow portraying a true feel of luxury that the camera easily captures. The estate’s open interior and exterior spaces make this location well-suited for filming large gatherings and parties, holding up to 150 people. The interior provides period-specific decor, creating a classic yet colorful solution for photoshoots. The exterior offers architectural lines, a dramatic walkway, lanai with loungers, piano shaped pool, cabana-style bathrooms and kitchenette offer an ideal setting of summer luxury. Choosing a private gated estate also eliminates the need to keep unwanted tourists or bystanders away. Come see why Town and Country Magazine, The Travel Channel, The Food Network and other production companies have chosen The Sinatra Estate for their latest projects and features.


Pricing is competitively priced to your budget and is negotiated based on size, number of days, photo credits and promotion. For more information, contact our guest services department for a customized quote for your specific project.
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